Never mind, iPhone 12 Pro will likely miss out on 120Hz

Just a couple of weeks ago, Apple was spotted testing a 120Hz refresh rate for an upcoming iPhone’s display. Leaked screenshots confirmed the tech was at least being tried out behind closed doors, although it wasn’t clear if the feature would reach mass production. Unfortunately, a well-known and trusted leaker claims there won’t be an iPhone 12 or 12 Pro with a 120Hz refresh rate after all.

Jon Prosser on Twitter claims the iPhone 12 Pro model with a 120Hz refresh rate (codenamed “d6x”) didn’t make it to mass production this week. This essentially confirms the iPhone 12 series will stick with 60Hz panels across the lineup. No other details were mentioned about why the technology didn’t reach production, but it’s likely due to development timing since COVID-19 knocked a lot of projects off track over the past few months.

No 120Hz is a real shame

To be perfectly honest, it’s a real shame the iPhone 12 Pro won’t have 120Hz. I know a faster refresh rate doesn’t mean much to average consumers, but I personally think it would’ve looked super sweet, especially since it would be coupled with Apple’s already fluid gesture navigation system. It’s not the biggest deal breaker in the world, but it’s a pretty big let down.

I suppose we’ll have to wait until the iPhone 13 comes out to get a 120Hz refresh rate. Stay tuned.