NCIX Has the BlackBerry DTEK60 Up for Preorder at $699

We still have yet to hear official word from BlackBerry themselves about the upcoming DTEK60 Android-powered smartphone, however it looks like the leaks are gonna keep coming for as long as they can. This new surfacing comes via a technology website called NCIX where over on their Canadian side, you can preorder the yet-to-be-announced handset for $699. No other details we don’t already know about the phone are present, so take this as you will.


It’s worth noting that the DTEK60 from NCIX comes unlocked, so in theory any carrier you take it to should be supported. In addition, a full gallery of renders of the upcoming handset have also surfaced thanks to this listing. We’ve made the photos available for your viewing pleasure below.

October 11th is listed on NCIX’s Canadian website as the initial launch and shipping date of the DTEK60, so expect some type of announcement from BlackBerry by next week. And yes, I won’t go through this entire article without stating that $699 for this handset is far too much. If BlackBerry wants to sell this smartphone and be successful at it, a more reasonable price of about $549 would suffice many more than $699 does. Nevertheless, we’re not 100% sure seven Benjamin Franklins will be the cost of the 60 as nothing has been confirmed yet. Stay tuned.