Motorola Unveils Moto E6 with Minor Upgrades and Downgrades for $149

Motorola has been focusing on its mid-range and low-end smartphones over the past couple of years, and today’s announcement is further proof of that. Today, the company announced its newest budget phone, the Moto E6, and it’s the only phone that will carry the E6 name in the company’s lineup. Opposed to last year, this year’s E6 series consists of just one phone, not three.

With the E6, you get a plastic build that offers a removable backplate. This is so you can access the removable battery which isn’t commonly found in modern phones. Also uncommonly found in modern phones is the E6’s microUSB port. I couldn’t tell you why Motorola hasn’t entirely switched to USB-C yet. Maybe they hate people who can’t afford more expensive phones. I really don’t know.

On the front, Motorola includes a 5.5-inch display opposed to the 5.7-inch screen found on last year’s E5. It also comes with an 18:9 aspect ratio. The battery’s also smaller at 3,000mAh versus 4,000mAh. There is a better processor, however, as the E6 comes with a Snapdragon 435 while the E5 shipped with a 427. Motorola is also throwing in very light water resistance thanks to the P2i coating.

In terms of cameras, the E6 comes with a 13MP f/2.0 rear camera and a 5MP front-facing camera. The loudspeaker can be found in the earpiece, while a headphone jack lives on the top for convenience.

Motorola is selling the E6 starting today for $149. It’s available through Verizon at the moment, while other carriers will begin sales of the device in the future. It’ll also be available unlocked through Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, and Walmart.