Motorola is reportedly making another Razr phone slated for this year

Apparently, Motorola is in the process of creating a sequel to its ill-fated $1,500 Razr phone. The company is revamping the Razr this year with better performance, a 48MP camera, a larger battery, and 5G connectivity. This information comes via XDA-Developers.

According to XDA‘s report, the new Razr will arrive with a Snapdragon 765 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and Android 10. On the back at the top of the new Razr will sit a 48MP camera. Meanwhile, the selfie shooter will be 20MP. It doesn’t look like the Razr will be getting a multi-camera setup anytime soon on its back, so dn’t expect it from gen 2.

An important factor of this new Razr will be its bigger battery. The original Razr shipped with a 2,510mAh battery which is unacceptable on almost any modern smartphone. Unfortunately, the new Razr will only increase the size of the cell to 2,845mAh, but I guess any improvement is good.

As per usual with most modern flagships, the second Razr foldable will also sport 5G connectivity. XDA says it’ll probably only get sub-6GHz support, but since mmWave isn’t anywhere close to being widely available, I don’t blame Motorola for making this decision.

One aspect of the new Razr that wasn’t mentioned in the report was its design. Will Motorola keep the same general design of the original Razr reboot, or will they revamp the entire device with a design that’s more sturdy and reliable? Personally, I think we’ll see a design that balances the two. It’ll look very similar to the original Razr but will promise better reliability. That makes the most sense to me, but nothing’s confirmed yet.

We don’t have a specific launch time for the new Razr, but I’d expect it near the end of 2020 since the original Razr was revealed in November 2019.