Motorola Edge Plus appears in leaked renders ahead of announcement

Motorola’s making its bold comeback in the flagship smartphone space this year, and just like virtually every other flagship that’s been released in the past few years, the company’s first high-end device of 2020 has leaked in new renders.

Courtesy of OnLeaks and PriceBaba, the new Motorola Edge Plus has surfaced. Obviously, these renders aren’t official, but they give us a really good idea of what the phone will look like once it gets officially announced.

Right off the bat, the Edge Plus is a lot boxier compared to the curves and rounded corners that many a modern flagship adorn. Meanwhile, the only serious curve on the device happens to lie on either side of the display which pours over the left and right slight, just like past Samsung Galaxy devices. That screen will likely measure in at 6.7-inches which slots this handset in the Big Phone category.

In a hole-punch cutout at the top of the display is a selfie camera, while the reflective rear of the Edge Plus houses a triple-lens setup. There’s a pretty large sensor in this array which could hint at a 64 or 108MP camera, although exact specs remain unknown at this time.

Elsewhere, the Edge Plus boasts a USB-C port, loud speaker, and SIM tray on the bottom. Meanwhile, the top of the phone houses a headphone jack which, debateably, is a really terrible location for the 3.5mm port. That being said, flagships rarely ever have a headphone jack, so I guess a jack at the top is better than no jack at all.

While we don’t get any hints at under-the-hood components from these renders, the Edge Plus was recently rumored to be sporting a Snapdragon 865 processor, up to 12GB of RAM, and a Full HD+ display resolution with a 90Hz refresh rate. The phone is also said to come with Android 10, 5G, and a massive 5,170mAh battery.

Overall, Motorola definitely has the components necessary for a flagship phone in 2020 (besides that odd-ball Full HD+ display). Personally, I think it’s gonna come down to camera performance since a) Motorola’s track record isn’t that great and b) consumers care more about cameras now than they ever have before. If Motorola can at least achieve OnePlus or Samsung levels of quality, they might have a serious contender on their hands for a leading flagship this year.

Motorola is said to launch the Edge Plus in the United States exclusively through Verizon. An announcement is likely imminent at this point so I’ll let you now when it happens.