More People Are Now Getting Facebook Messenger’s Redesign

Back in October, Facebook confirmed it would begin rolling out Messenger 4 on a much broader scale after originally announcing the update earlier in 2018. Now, it appears the update is finally beginning to roll out to all users of the app on both iOS and Android.

Facebook Messenger’s updated App Store listing. | Image: App Store

Listings for the app on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store have been updated to reflect Messenger’s new, much simpler design. I’ve had it since mid-way through CES and I absolutely love it. It’s way simpler to interact with over Facebook’s previous UI for the app which was cluttered and stale.

Of course, there’s still one thing missing from this update, and that’s Messenger’s promised dark mode. It’s nowhere to be found on both iOS and Android, so it looks like we’re gonna have to wait even more for this long-awaited feature.

The updated Messenger and its new UI should be hitting everyone’s devices now.