More Leaked Details About Lenovo Miix 720 2-in-1 Emerge

Earlier this month, a report claimed to leak the upcoming Lenovo Miix 720 2-in-1 tablet. There was already plenty of information available at the time for public viewing to assume that the device’s release date was just around the corner, however it looks like we’ve been proven wrong. In a new report by WinFuture, even more details have emerged about the future successor to Lenovo’s Miix 700 tablet from last year.

For starters, rather an 8-hour battery like previously stated, WinFuture says the Miix 720 will have a 10-hour battery. Processor wise, the publication notes once again that Intel’s Kaby Lake lineup will be used. In terms of RAM, Lenovo will reportedly include 16GB over 8GB currently found in the 700. Finally, a fingerprint sensor will be installed somewhere on the device for security purposes.

Overall, these specs seem promising for a successor to a tablet from 2015. Obviously, with Kaby Lake installed, you’ll be getting faster speeds than the previous Skylake lineup, while you’ll also be getting double the RAM, better security thanks to the fingerprint scanner, and more battery life on a single charge. Of course, none of this information is confirmed yet, so take it with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, at this point, I’d expect a release date for the Miix 720 at some point in the near future. Stay tuned.