Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7, Surface Book 3, and ARM-Powered Surface Leak in New Images

This week, Microsoft will be hosting a Surface event in New York City where the company is expected to unveil all-new Surface devices, plus updates on its many software services such as Windows 10. Well, it looks like we can confirm that at the very least, we’ll be getting new hardware as Evan Blass over on Twitter has leaked high-res renders of three new Surface-branded devices.

Those devices are the new Surface Pro 7 (complete with slimmer display bezels and USB-C), Surface Laptop 3 (with slimmer bezels and a tweaked form factor), and ARM-powered Surface device. That last device is very mysterious since we aren’t sure why it exists. I would bet it’s the new Surface Go since it looks like it has a compact factor and isn’t as powerful as the two other devices listed. I could be wrong, though.

Blass didn’t mention any specs that coincide with the devices, but he did mention one device he had to leave out: the mysterious dual-screen Surface device that’s been rumored for years. His mention of the device might indicate he has pictures of it, but he’s not ready to share them. That or he knows (thanks to tipsters) the device is real.

We’ll know everything about these new devices tomorrow during Microsoft’s event which kicks off at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT. Stay tuned, folks.