Microsoft Will End Support for Windows Vista in Early 2017

Microsoft’s Windows Vista has always been a big mess from the ground up. With its high requirements, clunky UI, and lack of support for lots of third party content, the OS has never been a favorite amongst users. However, MS has decided to support it for quite some time now and has continuously released updates which improved the security and stability of the operating system. I’m saying Vista has ever been one of those things, but you get the point. Anyway, now that Microsoft is shifting its focus towards more modern versions of Windows such as 7, 8/8.1, and especially 10, its time to stop keeping the past alive, so as of April 11th, 2017, Microsoft will officially end all support for Windows Vista.

This move shouldn’t be very significant since only 1.41% of all PC users are currently on Vista. If these customers were to upgrade to day Windows 10, Microsoft could completely shut down Vista and not even act like it happened. Of course that probably will never happen, however it is a thought.

For reference, more PC users are on Windows XP than Vista, with that number currently at 10.9% of customers. Interestingly enough, Microsoft ended support for XP over two years ago.

What are you currently on? Are you still rocking Vista or have you upgraded in recent years? Let us know in the comments!