Microsoft Surface Duo specs leak, and they look kinda boring

Microsoft is finally making a Surface phone called the Surface Duo, and there’s even a chance it might arrive as early as this summer. But according to a new leak out of Windows Central, the hype for the long-awaited device may die down thanks to what some would call mediocre specs.

We knew from the get-go that Microsoft was including a Snapdragon 855 processor in the Surface Duo (a.k.a. last year’s top-of-the-line chipset), so overall performance of the device has always been a little up in the air. According to Windows Central, the processor will be paired to just 6GB of RAM and 64GB of baseline storage. Thankfully, there should be a model that bumps the storage capacity to 256GB.

Unfortunately, the rest of the device doesn’t get much better. Both 5.6-inch screens will have 1800×1350 resolutions (at least they’ll be AMOLED), while the single camera will weigh in at 11MP. The battery is apparently 3,460mAh which isn’t all that big, and there will be a fingerprint scanner and USB-C port on the outside. Some omissions: wireless charging (it’s an aluminum phone – kinda have to expect that), 5G (only LTE for those who buy this thing), and NFC (meaning Google Pay won’t work which is stupid).

In addition, the Duo will launch with Android 10, although an Android 11 upgrade will come “relatively quickly,” according to Windows Central. Microsoft is currently in the process of finalizing all of the built-in apps that will come with the Duo which support both displays. No word on how many apps will get pre-installed, though.

The Surface Duo might start shipping in the summer, and it might start shipping when Microsoft originally intended it to: Holiday 2020. We’ll have to wait to find out. Until then, just hope the form factor of the Duo is enough to distract buyers from the pretty crummy spec sheet. This phone is gonna age real quick.