Microsoft May Release the Windows 10 Creators Update in April

Back in October of last year, Microsoft officially unveiled the Windows 10 Creators Update. This new software will bring new features for artists and, well, creators such as a new Paint app, better support for 3D objects, and more. The Windows 10 VR interface is also launching alongside a bigger focus on communication with contacts and gaming. But at the time of announcing the software, the company didn’t give an exact date for when it’ll be released other than “Early 2017.” However, according to a new report by MSPowerUser, we may not have to wait much longer for the update to begin rolling out.

According to the publication, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update is currently begin finalized feature-wise and will begin rolling out after a few bug fixes in April. March was apparently Microsoft’s initial release target, however the company may need a bit more time to complete the work that needs to be done before the software goes public. This comes as MSPowerUser receives word from sources that the build number for the software will be 1704 (2017-April) and not 1703 (2017-March) as originally reported.

Microsoft will be releasing the Windows 10 Creators Update this April. While the update initially had a version number of 1703 in Insider Builds leading to speculation that it would be released in March 2017, we can reveal that the final version number will actually be 1704 for an April release.

In addition, Redstone 3, the next major update for Windows 10 reported to include an improved design language for the OS, is supposedly set for release by the end of 2017. But since things are still in early development, a set release date hasn’t been made as of yet.

Until we hear official word from Microsoft, you should take this information with a grain of salt. That said, MSPowerUser seems pretty confident in the information given to them, so this report may be valid after all. Nevertheless, rumors remain rumors until a company either confirms or denies them, so stay tuned.