Microsoft is Fixing Feature Updates with the Next Windows 10 Version

Microsoft is finally taking time to address the problems with its feature update system. The company will begin rolling out the upcoming Windows 10 May 2019 update to Insiders next week before a public release, but compared to year’s past, this public release will be much different.

That’s because Microsoft won’t be shoving updates down your throat anymore. When you receive a feature upgrade prompt, Windows 10 will now ask you whether you’d like to download and install it. This separates major upgrades from much smaller bug and security fixes, allowing you to install them and not a major system overhaul by mistake. So now, when you hit “Check for updates” and your computer finds a feature upgrade, it’ll list that separately, giving you the opportunity to install it later.

A couple other tweaks made to Windows 10 will also improve the feature upgrade experience. Microsoft will be extending the update pause time to 35 days and your PC will get better at detecting when you’re using it as to not bother you with new updates.

Microsoft is also taking the time to ensure the May 2019 update doesn’t come with any problems out the box. The past two feature upgrades have been riddled with bugs, with the April 2018 update causing BSoD issues and the October 2018 upgrade deleting users’ files. With the May 2019 update, Microsoft will leave the software in the hands of Insiders to debug for an extended period, hence its arrival to the public in late May.

In addition, Microsoft will be improving its internal methods of checking user feedback regarding bugs and potential security issues. You’ll also be able to visit a special dashboard and check up on the issue you’re having to see if there’s a fix for it and if the company has acknowledged it.

All of these changes will begin rolling out later next month. Until then, we’ll keep you posted on any future developments.