Microsoft Delays Surface Studio Preorder Shipments to “Early 2017”

Last week during their big October event, Microsoft announced the Surface Studio, the first all-in-one PC to carry’s the Surface branding. The company said that while preorders were currently open, only “limited quantities” would begin shipping out to buyers on December 15th. Others likely had to wait, but this wasn’t very much of a big deal since MS was telling everybody this regardless whether you waited a few days to preorder yours or not. However, it now appears (via Neowin) that the company is telling customers the Surface Studio won’t ship until “early 2017,” a date likely much farther than the previous December 15th.

So what’s the cause of this action? Well, it’s probably due to Microsoft lacking in quantity of Surface Studio units to ship out. Surely, many want to get their hands on one, so it’s safe to assume that demand is so high the exact shipping date has to be pushed back. At this time, it’s unclear whether Microsoft stores will have inventory on November 10th when the Studio launches, but it’s probably a safe bet to get your new PC at a brick-and-mortar location rather online where the company won’t send you your package for somewhere from 6 weeks to 6 months from now. Obviously, if this changes, we’ll let you know.

For reference, the new Surface Book with Performance Base is still slated for its original shipping date of November 10th, the same date as it’s release.