Microsoft Announces Surface Event to Be Held October 2nd in NYC

The end-of-the-year round of new consumer devices isn’t just limited to new smartphones. We also typically see a few new laptops and tablets, and it looks like Microsoft will be taking claim to at least a few headlines come October when the company hosts a Surface-focused event in NYC.

Specifically, Microsoft will hold a special Surface event in New York on October 2nd. The event teaser the company is sending to press members doesn’t disclose very much about what we can expect, but there’s a fair chance that we’ll at least see some spec bumps for existing Surface products, including the Surface Pro and Book.

Looking to the more speculative side of things, there’s also a chance Microsoft will show off a foldable Surface device with dual screens. Rumors point to the device offering a main screen for doing all your work and a secondary screen with a virtual keyboard and, potentially, notepad functionality. It should be similar in concept to Lenovo’s Yoga Book which offers a standard screen and a secondary E-ink panel. the Surface won’t have E-ink, but you can get an idea as to how it might be implemented.

With a full month to go until the Surface event is upon us, we have enough time for more rumors and reports to surface (pun definitely intended). Stay tuned, folks.

Microsoft’s Surface event invite.