Marshmallow is Now Running on 1% of All Android Devices

Hey, guess what?!? Android Marshmallow, the latest version of the mobile OS brought to you by Google, is now running on 1.2% of all Android-powered devices! Yaaaaaay…

It’s really depressing to think that the best version of Android is only running on 1.2% of devices. Think about that. While Jelly Bean, a 5 year old OS, is running on 23.9% of all devices, Android 6.0 is running on 1.2%. I know its relatively new, but seriously. Even Lollipop was running on more devices at this time last year. Just sayin’…


But with all ranting aside, at least we will be seeing growths in Marshmallow’s device numbers as more and more companies like Samsung, LG , and Motorola begin to release more devices running the OS.

Here’s a chart of all the versions of Androdi still actively running on devices today:


As you can see, the only OS with a lower number of activity is Froyo, and don’t even get me started on why that’s messed up. But anyway, that’s how it stands for now.

Are you shocked that Marshmallow isn’t more popular on active devices today?