Major iCloud Outage Affecting Multiple Users

As of right now, there’s a major iTunes, App Store, Apple Music, and overall iCloud outage affecting multiple users around the globe. Tweets all over the place are from complaining people who don’t understand what the heck is going on, and seriously, what is going on?



As of now, it’s unclear just what is causing this failure, however the known services being affected are as follows: the App Store, Mac App Store, Apple TV services, iTunes In The Cloud, and Find My iPhone. If you know of any others we missed, please tweet us @mbeddedmaximum or email us at


Notably, Apple did state earlier that some users may have been unsuccessful in their attempt at sending or receiving iCloud emails trying to gain access to their notes in the Notes app via iCloud. However, the company hasn’t spoken about this incident yet. We’ve reached out to Apple for comment. We’ll update this article if any new information is discovered.

Note: On our 2010 MacBook Pro and HP Windows 7 machine, iTunes alongside al other iCloud services seem to be working just fine. This issue is most likely just affecting some users and not all.

In the mean time, here’s some of those tweets we mentioned complaining about this serious outage.



Source: 9to5Mac