LG’s V30S ThinQ is Now Available for $729.99, if You Care

Back at MWC 2018, LG unveiled its upgraded V30S ThinQ smartphone. Essentially, it’s a V30 from last year with a new color option and 6GB of RAM instead of four. It also comes with new ThinQ-branded AI features in the camera, but those are also available on the standard V30. So basically, there’s no real point to getting a V30S, but if you want one, today’s your lucky day.

Over at B&H Photo, the unlocked V30S ThinQ is in stock and available for purchase at $729.99. It’s even beginning to ship to customers. Also worth noting, if you’ve wanted to buy just a standard V30 but waited for the V30S, get the V30S because, for some reason, it’s $100 cheaper than what LG is charging for an unlocked V30 on its own website.

Still, as we keep charging through 2018, the next wave of smartphones is right around the corner, and that means the V40 will be here sooner than later. Therefore, unless you need a phone right now, maybe just wait for the next version? If not, just grab a V30S. You (probably) won’t regret it.