LG’s Now Rolling Out Android Nougat to the G5 with One Catch

It’s been made known now that LG has begun rolling out Android Nougat to the G5, the company’s first flagship smartphone for 2016 that brought a rather interesting modular design to the table. This will mark LG’s second smartphone to date running the latest version of Google’s OS, with the first being the V20, the first smartphone ever to ship with the software out of the box.

Here’s an excerpt from a press release published by LG about the G5 getting Nougat.

At LG, we know our customers want the best, most up-to-date mobile experience. Getting software updates to our users faster than the competition is our way of demonstrating that LG is committed to supporting our products and customers to ensure they have a positive ownership experience.

Unfortunately, there is one catch that comes with this new software roll out: only LG G5 users in South Korea are getting Android Nougat as of today. This means that, as LG notes, users in other regions will have to wait during the “coming weeks” for the update to hit their devices. Of course, this obviously stinks, but at least G5 owners are even getting Nougat.

Have you received Android Nougat on your LG G5?