LG’s New Fridge Features Both webOS and Amazon Alexa

LG is working hard this year to put its software, webOS, everywhere it can. Now they have put it in a fridge, with an integration of Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa.


With this software, you can automatically adjust the settings, power consumption or have it order groceries all with your voice. They are not stopping there, as it also has the ability to play music, check the weather, shop online and look for recipes. As a bonus, it also has a special feature called “Fresh Tracker” which looks at the expiration date and warns you if food is about to go bad. The “smart” fridge has a 29-inch display with what they are calling Instaview. The display can also turn translucent, giving you the ability to see what’s in your fridge through the glass.

With all the integration of webOS, a fridge is a new path. However, it is not the first fridge running an operation system. Not even from LG, as they launched their Windows 10 LG Instaview fridge last year. Even Samsung put their own OS Tizen on one of their fridges at CES 2016. Nevertheless, reaction from the public will be interesting to witness.