LG will officially announce the Velvet on May 7th

LG has officially announced a date for when the company will reveal its new Velvet smartphone. May 7th is the date in question when they’ll reveal to the world the phone that they think can give them a boost after years of losing money in the premium smartphone market.

The Velvet has already been previewed by LG in a couple of press teasers. We know that going forward, LG will focus on more nature-inspired designs that go against the company’s historical smartphone designs. We also know that the Velvet, while a very important phone for LG, won’t be a proper flagship. It’ll ship with a Snapdragon 765G processor and likely cost lower than $800 given the current landscape of phones.

Then there’s the whole name thing. LG has ditched the conventional letter-and-a-number naming scheme it’s used on various different phones from both the G and V series. “Velvet” is supposed to tell you that the phone feels good to hold in the hand and has intrinsic value because of that.

Marketing departments can be rather creative sometimes.

Stay tuned to the website for more info on the Velvet when it becomes available.