LG Will Announce its First 5G Smartphone on February 24th

LG recently confirmed it would be hosting an event on February 24th during MWC 2019 to unveil something with hover gestures. Now, we’re hearing the company has more than one announcement up its sleeve.

In a Korean press release today, LG announced that on February 24th, the company will unveil its first 5G-equipped smartphone. The device hasn’t been detailed yet in any leaks or rumors, but LG does say it’ll include a vapor chamber cooling system alongside a 4,000mAh battery and Snapdragon 855.

Image: LG

Mind you, 5G phones are pretty useless right now. Carriers have yet to roll out the technology on a broad scale, and so if you buy a 5G phone before the end of the year, you’ll be stuck on 4G LTE speeds. It’ll be in 2020 when we can expect 5G to roll out to a wider audience. Until then, though, these announcements are essentially designed to build up hype.

That being said, at least LG’s trying to stay relevant. Samsung is expected to announce a 5G phone on February 20th, and Huawei will also bring a 5G handset to MWC 2019. So it’s clear LG wants to play ball. It’s just that none of these announcements are gonna really matter until next year.