LG V40 Might Arrive with Five Cameras

LG’s smartphone lineup lately has grown to be pretty confusing, to say the least. We’ve seen five different V series smartphones since the V30 debuted last year and, so far, it seems the only phone the company really cares about is the G7 ThinQ with its terrible name. So you can imagine adding even more devices to the mix can make things even more bewildering, and that’s just what the company is doing.

According to a source familiar with the matter, Android Police reports LG will, in fact, introduce a V40 smartphone later this year. We’re still pretty light on details, but we do know a few things about the device with one key feature being, admittedly, pretty interesting.

In the report, Android Police says the V40 will ship with a design similar to the existing G7. It’ll come with a notched display and a side Google Assistant key. What isn’t clear is whether the company will be using either an LCD or OLED panel for the display and whether they’ll stick with a power button implemented in the rear-mounted fingerprint reader or opt for a side-mounted key like on the G7.

We’re also pretty uncertain as to what type of specs we can expect, but Android Police notes a Snapdragon 845 and quad DAC are likely in tow. This would also indicate we’ll see a headphone jack on the device which is always a welcome addition.

Of course, if you read my headline before clicking on the article, you know Android Police is also stating the LG V40 will come with not two, not three, but five cameras. The company will reportedly arrange so that there are two sensors on the front for improved selfies and 3D facial scanning for unlocking the phone, similar to Apple’s Face ID. This would mean LG will beat Samsung to the punch since the Galaxy S10 isn’t expected until next year.

There will also be three lenses on the back for better general photography. What the three cameras on the rear will do in practice remains a mystery, but if we had to take a guess, we’d say there will likely be a standard lens, a wide-angle lens, and some sort of telephoto/zoom lens.

It’s unclear how much longer we have until the V40 debuts, but it’s probably a little while. Since we’re just starting to hear about the device and what it might feature, there’s a good chance we have a few months ahead of us before it’s made official. This would mean missing the usual August-September timeframe LG has targeted with past V series phones. Of course, if anything new emerges in the mean time, we’ll let you know.