LG V35 ThinQ Leaks, Could Be an AT&T Exclusive

Word just came in that AT&T wouldn’t be carrying LG’s newest smartphone, the G7 ThinQ. This is due to the carrier planning to offer its own LG smartphone as an exclusive. Now, we’re hearing what that smartphone may be: the mysterious LG V35 ThinQ.

If you recall, Evan Blass recently tweeted out the existence of the V35 and said it would be released around the same time as the G7. However, no other information was given at the time about the device itself. But according to Android Headlines, we’re now getting our first look at the potentially AT&T-exclusive smartphone.

In the images above, it’s clear to see the V35 is extremely similar to the standard V30. In fact, it appears nothing has changed in terms of the overall design. Rather, it appears the device may come with LG’s updated UX that comes on the G7, but that’s about it.

In terms of specs, we’re in the dark on this one. No one seems to know what the V35 will pack and whether it’ll be a decent step up from the standard V30. For reference, the V30 has a 6-inch Quad HD+ display, a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a 3,300mAh battery, and dual rear cameras. Meanwhile, the V30S from earlier this year comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

Overall, it looks like we’ll have to wait a while until we hear more details regarding the V35. Android Headlines notes this might not be the AT&T exclusive the carrier was mentioning, but for now, it seems this could be the case.