LG reveals Velvet smartphone in new teaser, confirms Snapdragon 765G processor

LG has taken some of the wraps off its upcoming smartphone, the Velvet, after teasing it by revealing the name and some sketches. The phone is LG’s first major redesign in years and will hopefully pave a way for the company to become successful in the smartphone business once again.

In a new teaser video, LG reveals the design of the Velvet, complete with its sharp-but-soft curves, its “raindrop” camera array on the back, the headphone jack on the bottom, and the various gradient colorways the phone will ship in. While not all the specs are revealed, LG does confirm the phone will ship with a Snapdragon 765G processor, a processor that’s a step below the flagship 865 but should still provide ample performance. This also means the Velvet will operate on 5G.

Rounding things off, the Velvet will have really slim bezels around its display in addition to a centered teardrop camera notch for the selfie shooter.

LG didn’t confirm when the rest of the phone will be unveiled, but reports indicate May 15th may be the day the Velvet receives a formal welcoming into the world. We’ll have to stay tuned to find out.