LG Made a 4K Sound Bar (No, You Read it Correctly)

There are a lot of absurd things that come from CES, however the ridiculousness usually comes from the use or shape, not the name. Today LG released a 4K soundbar, named the SJ9. At first, this might seem strange. That’s because it is.

“4K” is almost always used to reference a QHD display, but today it is used to market a “4K High Resolution” soundbar. We can understand the “High Resolution” branding as you can have high-resolution sound, but 4K makes no sense in this context. LG argues they can use the 4K branding because if you listen to two channels of 24-bit/96kHz audio, you wind up with a data stream of more than 4,000kbps. 24 x 96,000 x 2 = 4,608,000 bits per second. Still, it’s probably gonna confuse the heck out of consumers.

Hey, at least you can now get both a 4K TV and speaker set. That’s cool, right?