LG is rolling out Android 10 to the unlocked G8 ThinQ in the U.S.

I should probably stop hating LG as much as I do. I’ve been complaining about their software for years, and while it still isn’t perfect, it’s gotten better with every upgrade, especially with the Android 10 upgrade. And to my upmost surprise, that particular update is rolling out way faster than I ever imagined.

I say that because not only is the software rolling out to the V50, but it’s also rolling out to certain carrier versions of the G8 from early 2019. Even more shocking is the fact that the unlocked U.S. version of the G8 is now getting Android 10.

This is surprising to me because ever since I got an unlocked unit of the G8, it hasn’t gotten a single meaningful upgrade. I think it got one security update, but that’s it. I’ve tried everything to force an upgrade to this thing through LG’s software just to make sure I wasn’t stuck on a particular version, but I wasn’t. LG just didn’t release any updates for my G8.

Y’know, until today.

I’m now typing this article with Android 10, a five-month-old software update, actively installing on my unlocked G8. It’s been a long time since anyone has been able to say that, and I have so many questions for LG themselves. Why now are they paying attention to software updates? Why prioritize timely release schedules now? What focus shift did they make? Are they serious about making flagships again? Are we gonna witness the return of LG’s dominance in the flagship space in 2020?

Only time will tell, I guess. But in the mean time, if you own an unlocked G8 ThinQ and live in the States, check your Settings app for an upgrade.