LG is Really Bad at Keeping Secrets

Manufacturers usually like to keep their device unveilings a mystery. It’s tradition. Of course, before the event where they’re shown off, there is a series of leaks and rumors stating what the upcoming device will look like and feature. And that’s okay, because no matter how hard-hitting the reports are, we’re still guessing what the device will ultimately be until it’s officially announced by the manufacturer. This is because companies like to keep their upcoming devices and services undercover until the unveiling. Here’s 3 examples proving this is true:

  1. You never saw Apple release the 30-pin power cord for the 3rd gen iPod touch before that particular device was unveiled.
  2. You’ve never seen Google unveil one of the top features of the next version of Android before it’s officially announced.
  3. You’ve never seen someone like Samsung unveil the official accessory for their next smartphone almost two weeks ahead of the device’s launch.

However I have just proved this theory correct, a company with a smartphone coming on February 21st has already broken the third example and kind of bent the second. And I’m talking about LG.


In the past two days, LG has already unveiled (or some will say “teased”) one of the upcoming G5’s biggest features: an “Always ON” display.


According to the GIF above, the G5 will automatically keep parts of it’s display on for convenient time and notification checking. The minimalist clock could also be activated by a certain hand gestures, or could be a replica of Motorola’s Moto Display found on lots of their different devices which allows users to check the time and their notifications without turning their display totally on. But seriously, that couldn’t wait for the big event happening in less than two weeks? You just had to show us it early? I mean, I get it if you wanna start building up hype, but with all the leaks and rumors lately, don’t you think there’s enough hype already? I’m just saying.

But if that weren’t bad enough, today the company has unveiled the first official accessory for the G5. It’s not even out yet, and we already know what the upcoming Quick Cover for LG G5 will look and act like. And LG knows they did this way too early. Take a look at the press release below. You’ll start laughing.


Introducing a Case for a Smartphone That Does Not Officially Exist


SEOUL, Feb. 11, 2016 — LG Electronics (LG) took the wraps off a new version of its Quick Cover case, designed specifically for LG’s next generation flagship smartphone, LG G5, which does not yet exist. Known as a company ahead of the times, LG took this characterization to heart by revealing the existence of the accessory before the actual product.

The latest LG Quick Cover offers the advantages of previous Quick Covers but with even more features. The touch function, recently introduced on the K10’s Quick Cover View, is now available on the G5 Quick Cover’s semitransparent mesh cover. It enables users to take calls and control alarm settings without opening the case for the ultimate in convenience.

Users of the case can check the time, date and notifications on the Always-on Display of the yet unseen LG G5 even with the cover closed. LG also incorporated a unique film with a glossy metallic finish to enhance the smooth and luxurious look and feel of the cover for maximum consistency with the speculative LG G5.

The Quick Cover for LG G5 will be on display at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from February 22-25. Visitors to MWC are encouraged to stop by LG’s booth in Hall 3 of Fira Gran Via to see the LG Quick Cover and the rumored LG G5 for themselves.


“Visitors to MWC are encouraged to stop by LG’s booth in Hall 3 of Fira Gran Via to see the LG Quick Cover and the rumored LG G5 for themselves.” O. My. God. What a joke.

I don’t even know where to being with this one. Let’s start here: does LG seriously have a history of unveiling thing way too early? Because if they do, please let me know. Second, it looks like they pretty much confirmed in this report that the “Always ON” display will be present in the upcoming G5, so that’s not considered a “tease” anymore. And third, it’s hilarious how they keep referring to the G5 as “unseen”, “rumored”, and “speculative”. I mean, they’ve obviously been planning on this, otherwise they wouldn’t keep referring to the G5 as still a rumor. If this were a mistake or something (which manufactures sometimes make ahead of product launches), we’d see something like, “LG took the wraps off a new version of its Quick Cover case, designed specifically for LG’s *newest* flagship smartphone, LG G5”, in the opening for the press release above. We’d also see a different date other than February 11th, which is today. We’d see something like February 21st, you know, because that’s when the G5 is coming thanks to their very explicit announcement of “LG G5 Day” on their Twitter page.


LG must be pretty anxious about this new smartphone, as I’ve never seen any company leak this much information about their upcoming device this early. However they must have a cause for doing this, I really don’t see it. All I know now is that I can’t tell them a secret due to fear of them leaking it all over the world.