LG G8 ThinQ gets Android 10 update on Verizon and Sprint

Here’s some pretty shocking news: LG is rolling out Android 10.

That’s a post in itself, but there’s more meat to this story. As it turns out, here in the U.S., Android 10 is rolling out to the G8 ThinQ on both Verizon and Sprint. Users on both carriers are reporting the update has reached their devices, and with it comes a fresh UI, system-wide dark mode, improvements to notifications, and more.

LG absolutely sucks when it comes to rolling out software updates, so this news is pretty big. It’s also worth noting that Android 10 is rolling out to the V50, but that’s only for the Korean units. I know this because I have a Korean V50 and received the update.

Overall, it actually looks like LG is trying to get better at software updates. If they keep this pace up, who knows where the company will be in a couple year’s time? Perhaps they’ll reclaim their place in the flagship smartphone market.

Hey, a guy can dream.