LG G5 Now Available for Preorder at Best Buy

Best Buy has officially made the LG G5 available for preorder on their website. The retailer formally announced that they’d be launching preorders for the new smartphone last Monday, and it looks like they fulfilled their promise.


The G5 is available from Best Buy for $99.99 with a 2-year contract, which is $100 off the normal recommended price of the phone on-contract. However, don’t let that cheap on-contract price fool you, as off-contract, you’ll have to fork up $799 for a G5, which isn’t cheap but unfortunately was expected, so you’re better off just picking up the phone on-contract, especially if you choose to grab the handset on a carrier installment plan, since this way you’ll get $100 back via a gift card.

The G5 is available on AT&T and Sprint in gold, silver and titanium, however pink is only available so far from Sprint. And in case all you Verizon customers are thinking you’ll be left out in the cold, Best Buy has stated that they’ll start accepting preorders for Verizon-locked G5s on March 24th.


While preordering, you can also pick up an accessory pack for the G5 which includes a spare battery, charging cradle and a Micro USB to USB Type-C adapter.

LG has also announced pricing of the G5’s “Friends” in a blog post. Here’s the full post for reference:

LG Electronics has established a national launch of the ‘LG G5’ March 31. In addition, LG Electronics is expected to capture the consumer’s attention to the exotic design ‘G5’ initial target buyers of promotions and product box.

LG Electronics has presented the April 15 ‘G5’ customers to purchase power modules camera grip ‘plus cam (Consumers ₩ 99,000)’ and ‘battery pack (₩ 39,000 consumers). The user through the “Battery” and “Battery Charging Cradle ” battery pack, each one consisting of pieces, you can use your smartphone without worrying battery.

LG Electronics offers a discount to the May 31 ‘B & O package’ unconventional as far as price. ‘B & O package’ is a high-quality audio module ‘Hi-Fi Plus (Hi-Fi Plus with B & O PLAY, consumers ₩ 189,000), and premium earphones’ H3 by B & O PLAY (consumers ₩ 279,000), the exercise period for approximately 38% discounted It can be purchased at ₩ 289,000. LG Electronics is expected to receive a promotional application via the ‘gift pack’ applications with the ‘G5’. LG Electronics announces through the pages (lgg5giftpack.co.kr) promoting the ‘G5’ for details of the promotion from 18th.

In addition, LG Electronics has designed the product differently colored boxes to experience a modular indirect applying the ‘G5’ from the moment you take out the ‘G5’. Was the top ‘G5’ the box is carved in relief product shape, product photos into the bottom of the box, the battery was designed to be removed by pulling it as a separate ‘G5’ module.

LG Electronics has adopted the ‘G5’ ‘modular (Modular Type)’, the world’s first device that can be combined together to design, opened the era of the coupling between hardware. ‘G5’ and connect number in ‘LG Friends’ is’ Cam Plus’,’ Hi-Fi Plus’, ‘H3 by B & O PLAY’, ‘360 VR ‘, ‘360 cam’, ‘rolling bot’, ‘t plus (HBS- 1100) is like.

LG Electronics has won the honor bar in most of the participating companies serves award ‘G5’ at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 ‘. In addition, ‘G5’ received an evaluation that suggests infinite expansion possibilities of smartphones from leading IT media.

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