LG G5 Available for Preorder at Best Buy Starting March 18th

Right now, there still isn’t any price confirmation or official preorder date set for LG’s G5 in the US, however that’s not stopping Best Buy from starting before them. The tech retailer has announced that as of March 18th, they’ll be taking orders for the phone before shipment.


The price of the G5 at Best Buy is unknown at this time along with the initial shipping date. We can, however, expect that to happen sometime in April, particularly early April as that’s the current release and launch date of the phone in the US.

The closest hint we have at the price of the G5 at Best Buy is the current price of the handset in the UK which is where it recently went on sale. It’s price there is £529, which roughly equals $756.52. That’s a little hefty and unexpected for a phone of this nature, and if the phone winds up being this much, LG might have to lower the price sooner after the initial launch just to keep sales up.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 5.39.02 PM

Will you be preordering one of these bad boys?