LG G Watch Can Now Run Windows 7 (Kind Of)

A developer by the screen name of Hacking Jules on YouTube has posted a video demonstrating Windows 7 running on his LG G Watch W100. By using Bochs emulator, he was able to get the Microsoft made OS to boot up on the Android Wear-powered watch, however that process takes three hours to complete.

Obviously, there’s no real purpose to have a desktop OS on such a small and not-very-powerful device like the G Watch since you can’t really interact with it anyway, but it’s still very interesting to see just how much we’re advancing in technology. Nowadays, we’re putting 2009-grade power-house processors on our wrists. That’s gotta be enough to signify just how much the industry has grown.

This isn’t the first time a Windows OS has made it on a watch. Just last month, a separate developer got Windows 95 to run on an Apple Watch even more efficiently than Windows 7 running on a G Watch. However, it too wasn’t very useful.

Source: YouTube