Lenovo’s Smart Tab M10 and P10 Strike the Balance Between a Tablet and a Smart Display

Today at CES 2019, Lenovo unveiled a pair of pretty weird contraptions called the Smart Tab M10 and P10. Essentially, if you’ve ever wanted to pick your Smart Display up from a counter and use it as a tablet, that’s what these devices are for.

Lenovo is pitching the Smart Tabs as Android tablets which become Smart Displays. They ship with special docks that enable Amazon’s Alexa display interface much like the one you’d find on an Echo Show. They run Android, of course, but Lenovo really wants you to use them as Smart Displays more often than as a tablet.

If you do use them as a tablet, you’ll be in for a rather questionable experience. The Smart Tab M10 and P10 have 10.1-inch Full HD displays and run on Snapdragon 450 processors, up to 4GB of RAM, up to 64GB of storage, and either a 4,850mAh or 7,000mAh battery. They also come with Android Oreo which isn’t the latest and greatest from Google by any means. Still, though, it’s not that bad especially if you want the experience having a convertible Smart Display gives you.

With the software onboard the Smart Tabs, you can ask Alexa any question you’d ask a normal Amazon Echo. You can stream music, watch videos, check the weather, hear the news, set times, control your smart home, and more. Three far-field mics pick up your voice, and dual Dolby-tuned three-watt full-range speakers provide output.

Lenovo says the Smart Tab M10 will cost $199.99 and the P10 will go for $299.99. Both will be available this month.