Lenovo Updates Moto Z w/ September Security Patch

Even though Lenovo said they wouldn’t be updating the Moto Z or any other recent Moto phones with the latest security patches immediately, that doesn’t mean the latest security from Google wouldn’t be reaching the handsets eventually. Hence, 17 days later, Verizon has begun rolling out the September 1st security patch to the Moto Z. We got the update on our Moto Z Droid Edition in our office which we promptly installed. While we can’t confirm the update’s rolling out to the Z Force Droid or Z Play, we’d appreciate it if you let us know that you got the update on one of these handsets by emailing us at mbedded@icloud.com.

The new build number of the Moto Z’s software is MCLS24.246-36-3, while I’m sure other bug fixes and stability improvements are also present alongside the September 1st security patch. We’ll update this article when Verizon officially confirms this update has begun rolling out as they haven’t formally stated the update is now live.

To install the update on your Moto Z, go to Settings > System updates and check for a system update. This will bring up the screen on the left above stating the installation time of this software update will take about 25 minutes. Once this menu pops up, tap Install and your Z will reboot itself after 10 seconds. I recommend jumping on a Wi-Fi network and plugging in your Moto Z beforehand so your monthly data doesn’t get gobbled up and your phone doesn’t shut down thanks to a dead battery half way through the installation process.

We had the priveledge of reviewing the Moto Z this month where we discussed all the ups and downs of the latest handset from Lenovo. You can read our full thoughts here.