Lenovo Made a 7-inch Version of its Google Assistant Smart Display

Last summer, Lenovo released the first round of Google Assistant-equipped Smart Displays, and I got to review the bigger 10-inch model. It’s a great utility to have in your home, especially since you get gigantic visuals with your voice commands thanks to the screen. Some people won’t like the 10-inch version, though, simply because of its sheer size, so Lenovo made a smaller 8-inch variant.

Still, though, that model might not be as compact as you’d like. That’s why today, Lenovo is announcing a new 7-inch variant of its Smart Display.

Notably, there isn’t much to get excited about. It works the same way every other Google Assistant Smart Display does, giving you the ability to ask Google a variety of questions, control smart home appliances, and play music hands-free. This time around, though, Lenovo repackaged it by including a smaller 7-inch 1024×600 screen with a 5W stereo speaker directly below it. This helps the device remain much more compact than Lenovo’s previous modes, but it doesn’t do anything new that’s worth noting.

If you’ve always wanted an Amazon Echo Show that ran Google’s Assistant OS, though, today’s your lucky day.

Lenovo will charge $129.99 for the 7-inch Smart Display. That isn’t bad considering what you get for the money. It’ll go on sale this October.