Lenovo is Making a Sequel to the Yoga Book

Back in 2016, Lenovo unveiled the weird, unique, and futuristic Yoga Book at IFA. The device tried to blend a productivity-focused tablet with an ultra-portable laptop and did so to a degree. I personally loved both the Android and Windows 10 variants since they offered a take on a product that, up to that point, hadn’t really existed before. Now, it looks like the company is readying a new generation of the device.

As spotted by Liliputing, new regulatory filings at the Bluetooth SIG website indicate a second-gen Yoga Book and Lenovo Pen are on their way. Dubbed “YogaBook2 Pro” and “Lenovo Pen Pro,” the devices don’t get detailed in their filings but we at least know they exist. And going by the names, we feel confident these much be sequels to the gadgets in question.

What Lenovo has up its sleeve for the next-gen Yoga Book is unclear. There’s no word on what the new device might feature and/or if anything is changing. Our best prediction we can make is a bump in internal specs considering the original Book had an Intel Atom processor with 4GB of RAM. We can assume the specs will see an increase, but we’re not sure what else.

Still, if 2016 is any indication, expect to hear more about the new Yoga Book later this summer.