Lenovo Gives its Mirage AR Headset New Life with a Marvel Game

A couple of years ago, Lenovo debuted one of the coolest “toys” that was appropriate for placement under the Christmas tree: the Mirage AR headset. The headset came with a Lightsaber that would light up after downloading, installing, and setting up a Star Wars game on your phone which would slot into the headset itself. It was a pretty cool concept that, while wasn’t the most accurate, was super fun.

Now, Lenovo is giving the Mirage AR some new life thanks to a partnership with Marvel. Today, the company is introducing a new version of the headset, and it’s launching it with a new game called Dimension of Heroes.

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In the game, you play as either doctor Strange, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Star-Lord, or Thor and try to save the world from the Dread Dormammu who, in the future, has destroyed the Earth due to a surprise attack. There’s a Story Mode that takes you through the game from front to back, a Survival Mode so you can play as your favorite character and ward off waves of enemies, and a Co-Op Mode that lets you play with a friend to see who can get the highest score while “battling the forces.”

As far as the headset and controllers are concerned, there’s actually nothing here that’s very Marvel-esque. Besides the red and blue lights on the two hand controllers, everything is pretty much identical to the older Star Wars-themed headset (besides the missing Lightsaber, of course). That means Lenovo will have a much more versatile platform to release games to since the Star Wars version kind of locked things down to just Star Wars titles.

Lenovo will sell the new Mirage AR headset for $249 which is $50 more than the last version. I still think it’ll be worth it, especially for techies during the holidays.

Dimension of Heroes, of course, will be free for iOS and Android users.

The new Mirage AR headset launches tomorrow and will be sold through Amazon and Lenovo’s website.