Lenovo Debuts Cheaper ThinkBook 14 and 15 Laptops with 10th-Gen Intel Processors

Back in May, Lenovo introduced its inaugural offerings into its new ThinkBook line of small-to-medium business (SMB) laptops. The machines were decent, with typical specifications and designs for their price points. Now, the company is unveiling two new entries in the line called the ThinkBook 14 and 15 that are even cheaper and come with better processors.

Specifically, the ThinkBook 14 and ThinkBook 15 come with 10th-generation Intel processors, up to a six-core i7. These can be paired with either AMD Radeon 620 or 625 graphics, up to 4GB of RAM, and either 1TB of SSD storage or 2TB of HDD storage. The former comes with a 14-inch Full HD display, while the latter opts for a larger 15-inch panel with the same resolution. You also get up to 12 hours of usage out of both systems.

Both laptops come with standard aluminum builds with slim bezels around their screens. A fingerprint sensor lives in the power button on both machines, and there’s both a USB-C and USB-A port on the devices for versatility.

Other than these features, there isn’t much else to talk about when it comes to the new ThinkBooks. They should simply serve as decent mainstream laptops, and that’s it.

Meanwhile, Lenovo also says it’s giving the previous ThinkBook 13S and 14S laptops 10th-gen Intel processors. No other spec changes were mentioned in Lenovo’s press release.

The new ThinkBook 14 and 15 will go on sale this October, starting at $649 and $679, respectively. The updated ThinkBook 13s and 14s will start at $729 and $749, respectively. All four laptops will land this November.