Latest Google App Beta Hints at Upcoming “Search Gestures”

As is the case pretty often, Google has released yet another beta of their app for Android, bringing the version number up to 6.10.31. Of course, there’s the usual bug fixes and security hole patches found in each update, but according to a new APK teardown done by Android Police, it looks like Google will be introducing some new features and tweaks at some point. You know, at least for Android users.

For starters, something called “Search gestures” are arriving. Strings found in the Google app’s APK hint that at some point, users will be able to swipe down on their home screen to search for content. You’ll have the option of enabling “All” if you wanna be able to search for everything on your phone and on the web or “In Apps” if you plan on strictly using the shortcut for searching within your apps. Presumably, you’ll only have access to this feature from the Google Now Launcher and/or the Pixel Launcher, so don’t think it’ll work everywhere.


You’ll also apparently be able to “text” the Google Assistant from within the native interface found on the Pixel and Pixel XL. This will be done by implementing a keyboard shortcut which will allow you to type out your inquiries rather having to use your voice all the time. Mind you, this is already possible in Google Allo, but it’ll be nice to see it land for those who don’t use the messaging app and would rather not talk to their phone in public.

Finally, our first indication that Android Wear is gaining the Assistant has also been found in the latest Google beta. Right now, it’s just a couple of strings indicating how the Assistant will be formatted for Wear, but at least we know the feature is in the works.

If you wanna check out the latest Google app beta, download the APK from APK Mirror. It’s worth noting that there’s a 99% chance these features won’t pop up for you just by installing the APK as they haven’t been activated yet by Google, but good luck anyway.