It’s Over: FBI Cracks into San Bernardino Attacker’s iPhone w/o Apple, Will Withdraw Legal Actions

In case you weren’t already aware or you live under a rock, the FBI has been pulling Apple’s shirt constantly lately, asking them to help them crack into a San Bernardino attacker’s iPhone 5c, with multiple attempts ultimately failing. The situation got so heated that Eric Snowden even wanted to get involved, stating that he had a way the Department of Justice could bust into the smartphone, however he ultimately dropped off the face of the earth again after the DOJ rejected his assistance. From there, it didn’t look very well for Apple, as they kept denying to help the FBI in their investigation, stating that if they were to create a “back door” in order to sneak into the 5c which the FBI requested, someone eventually would gain possession of the software and use it against Apple and their customers. The FBI had scheduled a hearing in court with the Cupertino tech giant for March 22nd, the day after Apple’s recent iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro event, however was eventually delayed due to the FBI discovering a possible workaround that could lead them inside the data center of the phone. This attempt ultimately worked, and today, the DOJ announced that they successfully accessed the data of the iPhone 5c they’ve been after without the need for Apple’s help.

The government has now successfully accessed the data stored on Farook’s iPhone and therefore no longer requires the assistance from Apple Inc.


CNN recently released a report about the success of the FBI and stated that while we’ll practically never learn the methods the DOJ used to bust into the iPhone, the technique used only works with that specific device, so don’t expect the tutorial on “How to Hack into a locked iPhone without a Pass-code/word” anytime soon… from anyone.

The data collected from the iPhone is now being analyzed according to the FBI with them remaining “consistent with standard investigatory procedures.”

Expect Apple to figure out the method law enforcement used to crack into the iPhone and patch it up some time in the future, as the last thing Apple needs in one of their devices is vulnerability.

So what will happen to all the legal action the FBI forced onto Apple? Well, according to the Department of Justice, the FBI will be withdrawing any actions taken and leave the company alone. This means that that hearing which was originally scheduled for last Tuesday will be cancelled, Apple won’t be forced to comply with the law anymore (at least for now), and we can all go back to feeling as secure about our iPhones as we did in the first place.

How do you feel about the whole Apple vs FBI battle? Were you on Apple’s side or agree more with the FBI? Let us know what should’ve/could’ve been the outcome in the comments!