‘iPhone 5se’ Reportedly Seen Beside iPhone 5 in New Leaked Photo

In a new leaked photo uploaded on One More Thing forums, it appears that the rumored iPhone ‘5se’ is shown being compared to an iPhone 5. This comes just a few days after a video surfaced on YouTube claiming that it displayed the highly anticipated new smartphone, but ultimately, this rumor was shot down as false.


In the photo, it reportedly shows the upcoming iPhone ‘5se’ beside the iPhone 5 for scale, and it appears that, if this image is legit, the ‘5se’ will have rounded edges, Touch ID, and a button layout the same as the iPhone 6 and up rather a top sleep switch and rounded volume buttons like the iPhone 4. And if you look closely, it appears that the front facing camera will be relocated as well to the left of the ear piece on the ‘5se’ rather it being above ear piece.

It’s rather hard to tell whether this image is legit or not, but it may be. With the iPhone 5 being pictured for scale, this may be our first official glimpse at the iPhone ‘5se’.

Other rumors surrounding this matter include the inclusion of an A9 chip and 2GB of RAM packed into the iPhone ‘5se’ along with Apple Pay compatibility, something that’s entirely welcome to 4-inch phone lovers everywhere. It’s also rumored to make it’s debut at a March 2016 keynote alongside the Apple Watch 2 and other potential products such as upgraded MacBooks.

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