Introducing Our New Podcast, Reboot

You may remember that we used to host live streams on YouTube each Wednesday at 3:00 PM. Well, we recently discovered that our audience would rather have something prerecorded to listen to later while taking a drive, going for a run, or even sitting on a comfy chair without the stress of missing our show. And while we did post the recording on YouTube later for the ones who missed the live stream, it wasn’t the same since a) listening offline isn’t possible unless one subscribes to YouTube Red and b) video played too big of a role. So now, we’ve fine tuned our approach, and we’re proud to announce that we’re rebooting Reboot, this time as a podcast.

Many people listen to podcasts. It’s a convenient way to get information while doing whatever activity one is consumed in. In fact, a recent study said that in 2015, over 46 million Americans were listening to podcasts alone, with a majority of them listening to them on a weekly basis. So what better way to educate the public on the latest technology news than via a podcast? That’s why we’re launching our new show, for the sake of education.

And in this day and age, it’s never been easier to listen to podcasts. It’s possible to play an episode on your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, an old iPod – pretty much any device that will play an MP3 file. And that’s how it’ll be with our show.

Reboot will be available on iTunes and Google Play in the coming days, so stay tuned.

We’ll be hosting our first podcast this Friday, April 29th. This will also be the same day we’ll host all of our upcoming episodes. Time may vary, however expect the show to be recorded around 3:30 PM EST.

And for all you live streamers out there, Max Buondonno, our host for Reboot, will be hosting a Periscope session during each recording so you can be one of the first listeners. His username is @MaximumInc12.

Be sure to follow our official Twitter account for updates about the show. Our username is @RebootPodcast1.

We hope you’ll love our new show and decide to stick around with us for a while! If you have any questions, let us know by sending an email to