Intel Announces New 5G Global Modem, Capable of Achieving Speeds “Exceeding 5 Gigabits Per Second”

While some countries are still upgrading to 4G or in some cases 3G, Intel is taking the next step and moving towards 5G. The global 5G modem from Intel was announced today, and it should be able to achieve speeds “exceeding 5 Gigabits per second” while supposedly maintaining ultra-low latency connections.

The 5G modem is made with a contingency function, meaning that if the 5G were to fail or misbehave it could fall back on a 4G connection. There is also the ability to interweave 4G/5G connections for seamless transitions.

The Modem is compliant with multiple industry set specifications for 5G connections. Intel talks about how they want to be on the frontier of global connections, even if it means making sacrifices. “Our 5G Evolution plans will pave the way to the next-generation of higher speeds for customers. We’re not waiting until the final standards are set to lay the foundation for our evolution to 5G. We’re executing now.”

Expect a majority of data connections to be on 5G somewhere around 2020. At least, that’s what multiple companies are saying nowadays.