Instagram Releases New ‘Chat’ Sticker in Stories for Group DMs

Instagram has announced yet another new sticker for its popular Stories feature: the chat sticker. The feature is beginning to hit both iOS and Android users, with a good chunk of people getting the addition over time.

With the chat sticker, users can place it on top of a photo or video they’re sharing to their Story. Afterward, viewers can tap the sticker and request to join a private group chat that’s located in your DMs. You then verify who gets to join the group chat and have a giant conversation with your followers. It’s probably ideal if you’re asking your friends where to grab dinner or what movie you wanna see, but I can’t imagine many influencers or anyone with a large following using it due to the sheer chance of it getting out of hand quickly.

That being said, I’m sure people will still use it. It’s not like Instagram has ever created a feature that people didn’t immediately latch onto, even if it were just for the first few months.