Instagram Pulls Windows Phone 8 App from Store

Oddly enough, Instagram has pulled their official Windows Phone 8 app from the Windows Store which has been in beta for quite some time now. It’s unclear why the social network did this, especially since the app never left the preview stages.


Trying to search for Instagram in the Windows Store doesn’t return any successful results, while a direct link to the app’s page will confirm to you that the app’s no longer available for download and the Store listing is now “for information only”.

The only way to get Instagram officially on Windows is via the in-beta Windows 10 app which was recently made available. For Windows Phone 8 users, you’ll need to get a third-party client like 6tag, an app that seems to be pretty popular amongst users.

With WP8 steadily dropping off the face of the Earth, the reason behind the Instagram beta app pull might be due to the market share the OS has. More and more Windows users are switching to 10, so that means why hold on the past while the future is even brighter than ever? That’s just my theory, anyway.