Instagram Now Lets You Reply to Questions with Music in Stories

Instagram has announced a suite of new features that will make their way to users this week. The flagship new feature is the ability to reply to questions your friends ask in their Stories with music. Starting today, instead of simply typing up a reply, you can choose a song already available within Stories and send it to them. It’s a small tweak, but it’ll probably increase the number of users sharing music through Stories nonetheless.

The next new feature in today’s update revolves around live video. Now, those who broadcast on Instagram can host Q&As without having to go through the comment section. Viewers can choose to submit a question by selecting the question sticker while watching a live stream and the host can pull up their favorite ones and answer them. Again, a small update indeed, but probably worth it.

It’s also worth noting hosts of live streams on Instagram can now share photos and videos from their camera roll directly to their live video, if you care about that sort of thing.

Finally, Instagram is also introducing a countdown sticker for your Stories. To use the sticker, place it over a photo or video and set a date for when you want the countdown to expire. You’ll be able to continuously use the sticker in future story entries until it ends, making it perfect for counting down to special events or, perhaps, New Year’s.

All of these new features are rolling out to iOS and Android users beginning today and should reach everyone by the end of the week.