Instagram Now Lets You Know When You’ve ‘Caught Up’ on Posts

Instagram likes to change their algorithm frequently, leaving users to wonder why they don’t see their posts in a chronological or other order any longer. This has become a glaring issue for most people and it can get annoying especially when you miss something cool because the app thinks you should be looking at posts older than a week you may’ve missed. Luckily, the company is listening to our complaints and is taking a slight action to combat the issue.

According to a press release, Instagram has begun rolling out a new featured called “You’re All Caught Up” that lives in your main feed and lets you know when you’ve seen all of the posts from the past two days. Beyond that point, you’ll find older content you probably don’t care about. While this solution could’ve been skipped entirely if Instagram just gave us the option to switch to chronological order, it’s nice to at least have some indication of when you’ve seen everything your friends have recently posted.

Instagram says the feature will roll out to users on both iOS and Android starting today.