Instagram is Now Rolling Out Video Chat, a New Explore Tab, and AR Filters

After introducing the new features last month, Instagram today began rolling out a slew of new features to its iOS and Android mobile apps. This comes after the company unveiled IGTV last week.


For starters, you can now video chat with other Instagram users. Within a DM, you can tap on a new camera icon in the top right to start up a video conference with someone. You will have had to send them a message to them and received a reply back in order to start a video chat, while those who may’ve blocked or muted you aren’t eligible for calls. You can chat either one-on-one or with a group of up to four friends.


Instagram is also introducing a redesigned Explore tab with new topic channels for viewing certain types of content. The tab will also be more helpful in pulling up posts it thinks you’ll want to see. They’re small changes, admittedly, but they’ll add up to a more pleasant experience using the Explore tab altogether.


Finally, AR filters are coming to Instagram Stories. Much like Snapchat’s version, Instagram’s filters will allow users to place augmented reality objects in photos and videos and share them on your Story. Instagram’s twist seems to be its third-party support which will see major outlets and celebrities create their own AR filters. Already, Ariana Grande, Buzzfeed, Liza Koshy, Baby Ariel, and the NBA have their own filters. More are on their way.

All Instagram users on iOS and Android can expect these features today.