Instagram Introduces ‘Nametags’ to Make Following Your Friends Easier

Instagram has announced a new feature that should make following your friends in real life easier. The company is beginning to roll out Nametags which are, essentially, fancy QR codes that users can scan to be taken to your profile. It’s similar in functionality to the codes you can scan to follow someone on Snapchat or Twitter.


To use the feature, update the Instagram app on your phone. Then, go your profile, tap the menu button in the top right, and select “Nametag.” Your own, personalized Nametag will then be displayed which users can scan by going to the camera UI in Instagram and holding down on their screen. You can also send a Nametag to your friends over messaging apps.

Overall, this feature will likely go over well for those with long and confusing usernames. Unless you keep things simple like @Jack123 or @Benny456, this feature should prove to be convenient to have.

Instagram says users of the app will receive the feature starting now on both iOS and Android.