Instagram Gaining Multi-Account Support for iOS Reports Users

Instagram has begun testing multi-account support in their iOS app, according to users of the app who have noticed it show up inside. A similar story occurred about two months ago when the popular social media platform began testing the same feature over on Android.


Latergramme has received multiple reports from many users who have noticed the addition of the feature in their mobile apps. I must say, this is a very welcome feature, as I’ve wanted to start up an Instagram account for MBEDDED for quite some time and just haven’t because I knew I’d have to keep switching back and forth between my personal and business accounts to manage both. With this addition, though, I’d have an MBEDDED account up the day I get the feature. So just know, as soon as Instagram allows multi-accounts in one app, you’re gonna get an MBEDDED Instagram account.

Here’s some screenshots of one user’s app displaying multi-account support.

According to the screenshots above, in order to switch accounts, one must tap the username on the top bar of the app to bring down a menu displaying all the accounts linked to the app. This is also where you can add another account to your device. And if you get a notification, Instagram will format the message to explicitly state exactly which account it’s coming from.

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