Instagram Could Soon Let You Remove Followers from Your Public Account

Instagram has begun widely testing a new feature that lets you remove followers from your public profile. The social app has historically allowed users with private accounts to remove followers from their accounts, but this is the first time we’re seeing the same feature for those who keep things out in the open.

The feature is currently being tested on both iOS and Android and is proving to be pretty handy so far. If you go to your profile’s followers list, you’ll find a tri-dot menu icon to the right of each of your followers that, when tapped, lets you remove them from following you. The end user won’t be alerted you took this action on his/her account. It’s worth mentioning, however, that the user you remove will be able to follow you again in the future.

It isn’t clear yet as to when we can expect the feature to roll out to all users of the platform, but for now, it at least looks like Instagram’s letting in a bunch of users to their test. We’ll let you know if we ever get beyond this point.